Lightcliffe Lodge No. 3332 has been based in Hipperholme, Halifax for over one hundred years.  We have an active thriving membership.  The Lodge begain its life when it was consecrated on the 18th November 1908 at the Congregational Schoolroom at Bramley Lane, Lightcliffe.  From this point our Lodge meetings were held in the council chambers of the Hipperholme Urban District Council until January 1919 and from February we moved to our current premises.


Where does the name Lightcliffe comes from?  Well, in The Wakefield Manor Court Roll for 1275, it shows an entry for Lightcliffe but it is spelt "Lightclif".  "Lightcliffe" means a cliff which is light as opposed to deep.  Such a cliffe can be found at the grounds of the nearby Holme House.  An ordnance survey map of the time clearly shows the "Light Cliff" in question.

The Lodge's motto is "Festina lente" which is latin for "Make haste slowly".  It appears underneath our arms and crest.  The motto, arms and crest were those of the Hipperholme Urban District Council.


We meet on the first three Wednesday nights of every month excluding July and August.  The first 

Wednesday being our senior practice, the second our meeting and the third our junior practice.  


Other Lodges and side degree's also use our rooms for the purpose of holding their meetings and ceremonies. 


Our home is a beautiful old building (see left) and and it hasnt changed much since this photo was taken with the exception of the cupola being removed from the roof in 2003.  


On our first floor we have one of the most impressive Temples to be found in our region.  All visitors that come to our Lodge rooms have commented as such with regards to its size, decor and design.     


On the ground floor we have a large bar and seating area along with a large dining room.  In the basement of the building we have a fully fitted commercial kitchen for all of our catering needs.


The bar and the dining rooms are often used by members of the Lodge for private functions as well as Lodge social functions.

At our meetings at Lightcliffe Lodge on the second Wednesday of each month, we hold our ceremonies in the Temple.  Once the Lodge business is completed, this is followed by what we call a "Festive Board".  Its perfect time and place to socialise with our Lodge members and visiting guests (this is part of what Masonry is all about), have an excellent meal and partake in a nice wine or a few tipples.


Below are some photos of the culinary delights that we have on these evenings.  Our caterers are able to provide a stunning meal to suit your dietary requirements. 

Our members are a hardworking lot, but they do take the time and make the effort to get involved in and support Lodge, family, community and charity events, especially demonstrating the three characteristics by which Masons are renowned, namely Brotherly Love (Friendship), Relief (Charity) and Truth (Honesty).


If you are interested in joining us and becoming a mason, please contact us at the details at the bottom of the page (lightcliffemembership@gmail.com) or on the contact us page of this web site.  



Masonic Hall

Roydlands Street 



West Yorkshire


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